Press Release: CryptoPolice Private Token Sale Now Live on Crowd for Angels

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Crowd for Angels, one of the UK’s leading crowdfunding platforms for shares, crowd bonds, and tokens, is delighted to announce that the private token sale for Estonia based fraud prevention platform CryptoPolice is now live.

Only registered Crowd for Angels members will be able to participate in this private stage of CryptoPolice’s token sale, gaining access to an institutional & ANGEL level investment round. The tokens, or OfficerCoins (OFCR), will be available for US$0.045 each, with investors able to pay using cryptocurrency and/or fiat.

Visit the pitch here

Crowd for Angels decided to work with CryptoPolice as it admired its goal of bringing together the community and technology in order to safeguard online users against fraud. Cybercrime is currently a huge problem, with Juniper Research recently predicting that the cost of data breaches will reach $2.1 trillion globally by 2019. Both companies share similar moral and ethical views and are keen to help combat the problem.

While the popularity of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and token sales has soared over the past 18 months, it is an inconvenient truth that investor trust in the industry can be low. With the industry remaining largely unregulated, there are no defined mechanisms for raising funds via ICOs and token sales, with investors having to rely on trusting companies themselves to give true and accurate information.

In a recent survey undertaken by Crowd for Angels, almost a quarter of investors said they were concerned with scams and companies going rogue after raising funds. While regulation of the industry seems a certainty in the long-term, Crowd for Angels and CryptoPolice are working together right now to combat some of the existing issues.

During its due diligence procedure on the company, Crowd for Angels was impressed that the CryptoPolice team has focused on delivering its product before raising finance (in contrast to many token issuing companies who only have a concept). What’s more, CryptoPolice management have significant “skin in the game” having so far invested around $200,000 of their own money in their project. Management being aligned with other investors is something that resonates with the Crowd for Angels’ model and is also an important factor for investors when choosing which companies to invest in.

Finally, in order to increase trust amongst investors, CryptoPolice actively sort to offer its token sale on a regulated platform, knowing that the company would be challenged to go through a strict due diligence procedure. Amongst other things, this process includes detailed checks on directors, third-party verification of information and a comprehensive review of the business model. Crowd for Angels is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and while tokens are not regulated by the FCA the same strict processes and procedures have been applied to the CryptoPolice token sale by Crowd for Angels as are applied to any other fund raise on the platform.

Visit the pitch here

For further information please contact:

Crowd for Angels                                                                             CryptoPolice

Tony De Nazareth, Director & Founder                                   Arturs Rasnacis, CEO of CryptoPolice

020 7437 2413 | [email protected]                      +371 28452330 | [email protected]

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