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O-ZONE is building a unique 3D interactive virtual world for social commerce on the web. A new immersive experience where users can explore and buy products in a new way while connecting with each other. It is best experienced in virtual reality (VR) but runs instantly on all devices with a web browser.


O-ZONE is building a unique 3D interactive virtual world for social commerce on the web. A new immersive experience where users can explore and buy products in a new way while connecting with each other. It is best experienced in virtual reality (VR), but runs instantly on all devices with a web browser. 

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The fun and engaging social experience in games and VR are not present in a web-powered platform outside of gaming. Other industries and vendors are missing out for the following reasons:

Closed Environment:

The gaming market and the virtual world are not built around the most accessible and scalable application which is the web. 

Digital Goods Exclusive: 

The virtual world marketplace focuses on 3D digital assets such as VR simulations as an obvious way to improve training in, for example, the military in order to reduce risk and cost, and not on real goods in a real-world e-commerce market place. 

Barriers to entry: 

High barriers to entry restrict the opportunity for real-world vendors to leverage engaged communities in social experiences such as gaming and virtual worlds. 

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The VR market was valued at $11.5 billion in 2019, which is welcome news for those in the sector. Last year saw annual consumer VR software sales break the significant $1 billion mark for the first time. 

The potential market is the 171 million VR users worldwide, and the global market expected to grow to 209.2 billion by 2022 thus making the evolution to 3D interactive e-commerce hopping fairly natural. 

Better content with cheaper and easier to use hardware seems to be the drivers in the consumer market. 

The fact that the Oculus Quest - a '6DOF' wireless headset that provides virtual reality with six degrees of freedom - is in such demand and that there's a global shortage tells its own story. 

Pico, the Chinese headset maker, is also producing an excellent standalone VR headset that is cheaper than the Oculus Quest.

The other factor driving the increase in uptake is enterprise VR, enabling people around the world to start using and appreciate the value of Virtual Environments. 

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The opportunity for O-Zone is to enable the convergence of a growing and fully engaged virtual world audience with the existing 1 trillion-dollar e-commerce market for physical goods.

O-ZONE TECHNOLOGIES is ready to grasp this opportunity. It has a ready and committed team, a scalable technology, and a differentiating approach to bring real and daily life goods into an immersive Virtual World experience. 



The O-ZONE team uses cutting edge web technologies, such as Web-Based 3D GPU accelerated computer graphics and quickly expanding frontier technologies (XR). We are able to evolve the web experience from being a "WEB PAGE" to being a "WEB SCENE".

We have used our in-house expertise to build, in our belief, the very first 3D Web XR social marketplace. In this way, we are able to service many industries and provide data visualization solutions and interactive next-generation web design.

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Our primary revenue streams will come from:

  • Dropship direct sales to seed the marketplace 
  • Saas 3D platform as a marketplace
  • Virtual Goods merchandising and in-app purchase

Our secondary revenue streams will come from

  • Development services: B2B
  • Technology & IP licensing 
  • Advertisement revenue



Our initial target market will be the Millenials and gamers who are already in virtual worlds.

We will use both a High Tech and a High Touch approach to gain users.


Using online advertising we will promote the new O-ZONE VIRTUAL SYSTEM in the gaming communities and to those already familiar with virtual worlds and 3D programs.

We will build our own social profiles and community pages on Facebook, Discord (A chat community for gamers), Telegram and YouTube.


We intend to organise community events and meetups to increase awareness and register users to use the Platform and promote it in social media.

In addition, our inclusive communitarian business model will provide every user with an incentive-based on the success of the company, thereby creating a new corporate culture designed for decentralisation, privacy, and inclusion.

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