Buy 2 Let Cars Ltd

Investment to date:
3 Years
7% pa

target amount:
Buy 2 Let Cars Ltd
The investment with Buy2LetCars will fund the purchase of 7 lease cars for the UK Market & deliver returns of 7% to investors. Interest & part capital is repaid in monthly instalments over 36 months (3 years) with a final balancing payment amount plus interest being plaid at the end of the term. The bond is IF-ISA Eligible.
About Buy 2 Let Cars Ltd

Buy2LetCars was established in 2012 along with Wheels4Sure as a unique business model, offering an elegant solution for individuals to lease a brand new car with full manufacturer’s warranty, a service plan and breakdown cover for one affordable fixed monthly payment. 


About us

Buy2LetCars bridges that gap in the market and provides investors through Crowd for Angels with a way to fund brand new vehicles which our sister company Wheels4Sure then leases out.

Since being founded in 2012 we have enabled many people to drive a new car.

Your returns are generated by the hire of a car to an end user and the hire payments they make. Everyone leasing a car is fully vetted to ensure they can afford to make the payments on the three year lease. For extra peace of mind, Buy2LetCars will cover all monthly payments due to you up to at least 85% of the initial loan amount irrespective of the end user defaulting. In addition to this, the car you have funded is fitted with sophisticated Smart Telematics and Tracking Software which prevents any use of a car without due payment being made.

Each month the driver needs to enter a code into the vehicle to continue using it and this code is only available to them once the full monthly payment has been received. Without the code the vehicle will be immobilised, prohibiting any further use.

Buy2LetCars commits to honour every monthly payment due to you at least up to 85% of the initial loan amount, irrespective of end user default. We also pay a pro rata percentage of the returns due on the investment. Since 2012 100% of Buy 2 Let Cars investors received the returns they were expecting when investing with us.

If an end user fails to pay the vehicle hire payments and it is not possible to lease out that vehicle to another user, then Buy2LetCars will arrange for the sale of that vehicle. After the sale of the vehicle the amount returned to you will always be at least 85% of the amount you invested, as Buy2LetCars will pay you any shortfall up to this amount. 

However please note that this does not mean your investment is completely guaranteed up to 85%, as this amount depends on Buy2LetCars being able to make up any shortfall. As this loan is based on 7 vehicles it spreads the risk of a single vehicle impacting the security.

The responsibility for damage to the vehicle relating to your investment is firmly with the end user, the driver. 


Our founder and CEO Reginald Larry-Cole describes this as ‘compassionate capitalism’.

We operate from offices in West Wickham in Kent and Godstone in Surrey and have seen the companies grow enormously since 2012 with future expansion plans in place for the next three year period. Our team are all dedicated professionals with decades of experience in the automotive industry and welcome questions on every aspect of our business model.



Each £1 bond note will be tokenized on the Platform, offering those investors who wish to participate in the tokenized bond a chance to receive their bond note in a token format in their Ethereum wallets. 


Token Distribution

If If you wish to participate in the tokenised offering, you will need to state your interest on the Investment page. You will receive your token once the offer is complete. Tokenised Bonds do not form a class of bonds separate from the bonds which have not been tokenized.

For those investors who have opted for the tokenized bonds, repayment of capital and interest will be made to your ethereum wallet through the equivalent stable tokens. 

For investors who choose to have regular bonds repayments made in the ordinary way to their Crowd for Angels account. 



The investment is ‘asset backed’, and security will be held over the vehicles. The loan amount of £98,000 is based on 7 vehicles of £14,000 each. 

Additional Notes.

Buy 2 Let Cars Limited are paying 9% interest on the bond. Crowd for Angels are retaining 2% to cover the cost of issuing and administering the bond. Currently, there are no exchanges recognised by Crowd for Angels for the trading of securitised tokens. 

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Offer Information
Min Max
Investment Target £98,000 £112,000
Interest Rate info 7.00% 7.00%
Type of Bond Secured crowdbond
Term info 1,080 Days (3 Years)
Repayment Frequency Every 30 Days
Type of Repayment Interest + Principal
Security Information The investment is ‘asset backed’, and security will be held over the vehicles. The loan amount of £98,000 is based on 7 vehicles of £14,000 each.
Minimum Investment £100
Token Symbol N/A
Asset class Bond
Price per token £1
Blockchain Ethereum
Sector Consumer Goods
Location Kent, United Kingdom
Company Number 07631458
Pitch Launched On 04/02/2019
Pitch Closes On 04/03/2019
Accepted Payment Methods
Payment Methods

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