Equity Crowdfunding
Start-ups and small companies can raise capital through the issue of new shares in their company to the crowd in return for investment. Some of the benefits are:
  • No upfront fees: Crowd for Angels only charges you a fee when your Pitch is successful
  • Control: Access the funding you require without investor dilution of voting rights
  • Nominee: Deal with only one shareholder, the Nominee, and minimise shareholder disagreement on futher fund raises
How to create your pitch.
Crowd for Angels Membership is free to anyone aged 18 and over. To start the process, please register by clicking on the “Join” button and complete the Pitch Application form. Your Application will then be entered in to a Review and Approval process. We usually review applications within 48 hours.
Membership - Join Crowd for Angels
Create your pitch
If your initial Pitch Application is approved, you can create your Pitch using the tools and options available to you on the Platform. Your Pitch will then be entered in to a second Review and Approvals Process by Crowd for Angels. If your Pitch is approved, it will be posted on our Platform.
Create a Pitch on Crowd for Angels
Engage the Crowd
Use the social media tools i.e the “Campaign Tools” on your Pitch page to attract the crowd. Invite friends, family and other Investors to gain interest in your Pitch. Engage with potential Investors through the our Discussion Boards found on each Pitch page.
Engage the Crowd/Campaign for your Pitch
Funding Target
The Investee Company is able to select its Minimum and Maximum Funding Target. Once the Minimum Funding Target is reached, the Pitch is considered a success but will remain open until the Maximum Funding Target or the expiry of the Listing Window of the Pitch is reached.
Minimum & Maximum Funding Target Agreement/Successful Pitch
When funding is successful, our solicitors will conduct limited legal due diligence and if satisfied, the subscription for the Shares will be completed by way of a Subscription Agreement. The Crowd for Angels appointed Nominee will sign on behalf of the Investors. As a result of this nominee arrangement, you only have to deal with one shareholder.
Successful Funding/Subscription Agreement
Post Investment
Use the update and discussions sections on your pitch to keep investors informed and updated about the company.
Company Updates, Discussions, Notifications