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Investing through a pension fund (SIPP)

Investors who use a SIPP now have the ability to invest their funds through Crowd for Angels.

What is a SIPP?

A SIPP (Self invested personal pension) is a way that you can control how and where your pension is invested. The more common alternative is to have a managed pension where professional fund managers make all the investment decisions on your behalf.

Using a SIPP can be tax effective for higher rate tax payers because funds transferred to a pension fund immediately attract tax relief at your marginal tax rate. In addition, the interest earned by a SIPP is tax free.

How to use a SIPP on Crowd for Angels

Working in conjunction with SIPPclub, Crowd for Angels has been approved to accept SIPP money. If you would like to consider investing your SIPP money on Crowd for Angels, please fill out the form on this page and SIPPclub will contact you to discuss your circumstances and requirements, helping you decide whether you should invest your pension money on Crowd for Angels.

Pension fund provider SIPPClub

SIPPclub provides information and support to affluent people with self-invested pensions. Whether you’re growing your pension fund, or drawing your income in retirement, discover how you can take advantage of the significant benefits of lending your pension money on Crowd for Angels. To find out whether a SIPP or a SSAS is more appropriate for your circumstances, and which provider is likely to best suit your requirements, click the link below.

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