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Integumen Ltd
Integumen is a personal health company developing and commercialising technology and products for the human integumentary system that may improve physical appearance, hygiene and general health outcomes.
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Integumen was incorporated and registered in England and Wales on 28 May 2016 as the holding company for a group of companies operating in the field of health and personal care products, with particular application to the integumentary system. The Group presently consists of four wholly-owned subsidiaries: UK-based Innovenn and Lifesciencehub, TSpro in Germany and Integumen Inc in the United States, the businesses of which were acquired via share-for-share transactions in the last quarter of 2016.

The Company was established to focus on commercialising technologies in the health and personal care products market which are at an advanced stage of product development. The skincare range intends to focus on anti-ageing and blemish control solutions, oral care for hygienic purposes and wound care for treatment of chronic wounds. In the first instance, the Company will focus on its revenue generating businesses to drive growth and subsequently on those products closest to the market.


Experienced management team with a demonstrable ability to execute deals Integumen has a management team with extensive experience across its chosen areas of activity. Critically this team also brings with it a network of development and commercialisation partners. The management team collectively has developed and successfully launched or out-licensed products and technologies in the skincare, oral care and wound care sectors and is focused on repeating past successes. Sizeable and growing markets Initially the Group is focused on large addressable markets that align with the management team’s track record. While each of the skincare, oral care and wound care sectors represents a multi-billion dollar market,

Sizeable and growing markets Initially the Group is focused on large addressable markets that align with the management team’s track record. While each of the skincare, oral care and wound care sectors represents a multi-billion dollar market, Integumen is not principally focused on just gaining market share. The team is focused on delivering its products into well-established market sectors which have identifiable players who may seek innovative additions to the category or extensions to existing portfolios.


Advanced stage/lower risk portfolio focusing on skin, oral and wound care In addition to having products currently on the market, Integumen has a portfolio of products and technologies in development. The development pipeline is focused on near to market products that are in the late stages of development and require more “finessing” than “deep” R&D. Integumen does not develop products whose ultimate commercial success is dependent on a binary research or development outcome.

The Directors believe that owning a range of products and technologies provides a portfolio approach that reduces the risk compared to investment in any one product or technology.


The Group has already sold over 560,000 units of the TS1. TSpro currently has in place distribution arrangements to distribute the TS1 into Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Slovakia and countries in the Middle East. The Company expects further launches into other EU countries in 2017. The US market is targeted within the next 18 months.


Labskin made small scale commercial sales during 2016. Customers have included GoJo, Estee Lauder, L’Occitane en Provence, ONTEX and GlaxoSmithKline. The Company intends to market Labskin both as a consumable to third parties, and also by provision of a managed service to conduct experiments.

The Company is in discussions with R&D departments of a number of cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, independent testing companies and academic institutions, driven in part by the EU ban on animal testing in cosmetics.

No traditional phase 1-4 clinical trials .....not pharma/biotech Integumen does not develop pharmaceutical drugs or medical devices that need to follow the traditional, lengthy and expensive clinical development pathway. Integumen will gather user data to underpin product marketing claims, and will not develop products that seek to make medicinal claims.

Focused on releasing optimal value from the product portfolio Integumen’s management team has first-hand experience of the various commercialisation models that exist in the sectors in which the Group operates. These models include direct marketing and distribution, using distribution networks with outsourced marketing, out-licensing to other market participants under a licence and royalty arrangement, and outright sale. The Directors will determine the optimal model to maximise commercial return for each product or technology. 

Resources (financial and commercial) in place to develop the portfolio and execute strategy The critical resources required for success include continued development of a compelling product portfolio, identification of the optimal route to market, market access and the financial resources necessary to make it happen. The portfolio approach and flexibility built into the development and commercialisation model are key strategic elements that, coupled with the necessary resources, should deliver near-term and sustainable success.

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