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How to Create a Successful Pitch

1. Make sure you are confident with the product/service you are creating a pitch about, research every aspect of its market and identify your target group.

2. Be realistic and set yourself an achievable target! Consider the actual worth of your product/service. If your target is too ambitious, it will jeopardise a successful pitch. If you aim too low, you could risk the value of your product/service and the scale of the project.

3. The actual pitch - the required basics:

  • Introduction: Company name, slogan, name of presenter and their job title.
  • Team: Names, position in company, experience in industry and their role in the team.
  • Service and Product: What does your business do? Is there a gap in the market for your product/service?
  • Competition: Identify your competitors; explain what makes your product/service stand out.
  • Financial: Previous and projected turnovers and profits, investor’s gains, expected returns, and an exit strategy.

4. How to make your pitch stand out:

Key points:

  • Descriptive but short title that explains what your business is and what you are looking for.
  • Make it attractive and exciting; remember unless you entice the reader they will not bother clicking on your pitch or even reading it.
  • Honest, clear and concise points, not opinions or generalisations.
  • Do not guarantee returns or make implausible assumptions.
  • Finally, look at the pitch from an investor's perspective: Does it consist of all the necessary information? Are the content and facts boring? Is it an exciting and tempting opportunity for you to invest your money?

5. Motivate investors and those following your pitch with rewards. Keep your fan base engaged and reward them for spreading the word and investing in your pitch.

6. Created your perfect pitch? It's not over yet, remember: Spread the word! Use social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and your website to promote your pitch! Also keep them updated on every stage of your pitch! Make them feel involved.

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