Raising funding or investing through Crowd for Angels is straightforward and cost effective. We list our fees below* and never charge investors to invest1. All fees are only payable when a company successfully raises its funding target. 

For Investors you do not pay any fees to Crowd for Angels to invest in any of the pitches.

For companies we have provided a chart of our fees below. If you would like to talk to one of our team members please call 0207 437 2413. 

Type of financeFees
One-off success fee payable on total amount raised
Legal fees
Fee for legal & standard documentation2
Nominee fees 
Shares 6% £1,450 £250
Crowd Bonds
(up to 2 years)
2% £1,450 £250
Crowd Bonds
(up to 3 years)
3% £1,450  £250
Crowd Bonds
(up to 5 years)
4% £1,450  £250

All fees are only payable upon success

For our Crowd Bonds, there will be an on-going administrative and monitoring charge, which are subject to negotiation. Please contact us for further information. 
*Investors who choose to invest via a direct debit in a pitch, the company will be charged the 0.5% fee from the 3rd party provider GoCardless (on success).

1For investors who transfer funds via a non-UK transfer, please note a non-Sterling transaction fee may be applied by your bank
2Please note that additional fees can be charge depending on the complexity of the legal documentation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Companies authorise Crowd for Angels to charge and deduct all fees from the aggregate investment amount where necessary prior to completing the transfer of the investment amount to the companies upon completion of an investment. Crowd for Angels fees in respect of the nominee arrangement will be payable annually upon receipt of an invoice and in accordance with the payment terms detailed therein and such payments shall commence at the start of the second year and be payable in advance. 

All fees exclude VAT.