About Us - Crowd For Angels

Crowd for Angels is a regulated UK crowdfunding platform that raises funds for companies through the issue of shares and crowd bonds to investors in a tax efficient manner.

Crowd for Angels

At Crowd for Angels, Our goal is to bring innovative and appealing products to investors and to provide funding for companies throughout their growth cycle. We help companies raise funds through the issue of shares and bonds on our crowdfunding platform.

Our investors get the opportunity to invest in shares in a tax efficient manner through the use of SEIS/EIS tax relief and through Bonds that can be held in a tax free IF-ISA wrapper. We never charge our investors any fees and companies looking for investment only pay if the funding is a success.

If you are looking to invest in shares or bonds in a small private company, a small listed public company or to raise funds for your business then Crowd for Angels can help. 

Crowd for Angels (UK) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority registered under number 03064807.