A guide to transferring your Cash ISA


The tax rules around cash ISAs mean that you must transfer your money from one cash ISA account to another in the right way to keep your tax-free savings intact.

Never just withdraw your ISA savings as cash and pay it into your new Innovative Finance ISA, otherwise you’ll lose the associated tax benefits. If you do the transfer correctly, any balances from your previous tax year ISAs won’t count towards this year’s annual allowance.


How do I Transfer-In my cash ISA to Crowd for Angels?

You can transfer all or just some of your previous tax year ISA subscriptions, but you have to transfer all of your current tax year’s subscriptions along with any interest you’ve earned in full. Also, you can’t transfer an Investment ISA into a cash ISA.

Check that you can transfer your cash ISAs to us without penalty, such as a loss of interest or a fee. If you're happy to continue, we’ll ask for details of your existing cash ISA:

  •  Sort code and account number
  •  The amount you want to transfer
  •  Name of your existing ISA provider

You'll need to tell us whether you’ve subscribed to a Cash ISA in the current tax year. You don’t have to contact your old provider - we will work with them to ensure that your tax benefits remain.

With our Innovative Finance ISA, you can Transfer-In at any time. If you have a Flexible Cash ISA, you have up to 30 days from opening it to do so.

You can make transfers in Online.

How do I transfer my cash ISA to an Innovative Finance ISA?

Read our guide on how you can move your money to an Innovative Finance ISA.

Can I Transfer-In more than 1 of my cash ISAs into a new ISA?

Yes, but check with your current provider to see whether there are restrictions or early withdrawal penalties on your current ISA before considering a transfer.

Can I Transfer-In a cash ISA to Crowd for Angels but not pay any new money in?

Yes. We will open the Innovative Finance ISA with a nil balance and ask your current ISA provider to transfer your funds to your new Crowd for Angels account. As long as you don’t pay any new money in, it won’t count towards this year’s allowance.

How do I Transfer-Out my cash ISA from Crowd for Angels?

We hope that you will choose to stay with us but if you want to Transfer-Out your Innovative Finance ISA to another provider, we’ll do our best to make the process as smooth as possible.

First, check that the personal and account details that we hold for you match those you’ll be giving your new provider. Any differences, eg your address, could delay things.

Your new provider will ask you to provide them with your instructions. While the transfer takes place, we may need to contact you and a quick response will help avoid any delays. Let us know how you would prefer to be contacted and check that your contact details are up to date.

You will first need to open an Innovative Finance ISA with Crowd for Angels before you can transfer from your existing ISAs into the Crowd for Angels Innovative Finance ISA

Open a free Crowd for Angels Innovative Finance ISA here