Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

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Why fundraise on Crowd for Angels?

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Build a network of investors for the future
: As your company grows, your investors from your crowdfunding campaign are still involved as they take on long-term views. Investing in follow-on rounds and potentially becoming customers.

No Repayment: As a company who issues shares to investors, you are not bound to repay any amount to investors freeing up cashflow to grow.

Nominee Structure: Deal with only one legal shareholder, the Nominee, and minimise shareholder management and disagreement on further fundraises. 

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Maintain Ownership
: By borrowing money you still maintain full ownership of your company as investors don't buy shares.

Simple Obligations: Your obligation is to repay the money borrowed, according to the terms after which the relationship with your lenders ends. 

Interest Rates: Often more competitive than banks with no risks of future rate rises. It's easy to forecast expenses as loan payments do not fluctuate. 

Flexible Eligibility: Crowd for Angels works with your company to find the right balance, we do not rely on solely on Credit Checks. 

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Considered digitalised assets (tokens)?

Digitalised Assets or more commonly referred to as security tokens represent real-world assets such as shares, bonds or even a deed for a house stored on a blockchain (bitcoin, ethereum), a form of shared database. It is an easy fundraising approach that has a growing number of supporters, an international outreach
and offers liquidity, attracting many investors.

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Risk Warning

Investment Risks

Investing in small public listed or private companies involves many risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and equity dilution. It should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Investing in debt pitches through Crowd for Angels (UK) Limited involves lending to companies and therefore your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed if the borrower defaults. Please click here to read the full Risk Warning.

Investor Suitability

Investments on this website are targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand the risks involved and make their own investment decisions. You will only be able to invest in pitches on this website once you are fully authorised and the investment is deemed appropriate for you.

Basis of Investment

Investments can only be made on the basis of information provided in pitches by the investee companies concerned. Crowd for Angels takes no responsibility for information provided by external sources, including investee company websites.

Forward Looking Statements & Forecasts

Pitches may contain forward looking statements and financial forecasts or projections. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Crowd for Angels makes no judgement or opinion of the likelihood of targets being achieved. 

Lack of FSCS Protection

Investments made in companies listed on the Crowd for Angels platform are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Tax Relief

The availability of any tax relief, including EIS and SEIS, depends on the individual circumstances of each investor and of the company concerned, and may be subject to change in the future. If you are in any doubt about the availability of any tax reliefs, or the tax treatment of your investment, you should obtain independent tax advice before proceeding with your investment.

Innovative Finance ISA

Holding an investment within an innovative finance ISA does not reduce the risks associated with an investment or guarantee returns and it is possible to lose all of the money invested.

This page has been approved as a Financial Promotion by Crowd for Angels (UK) Limited (Company number: 03064807), which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Reference number: 176508).