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CNPPS, Carbon Negative Permeable Pavement System, is believed to be the world’s first Carbon Negative solution for hard surfaces such as roads and pavements. Using recycled and carbon negative aggregates, CNPPS is estimated to be 5-8% cheaper than asphalt systems and likely to be the first eco-friendly system globally.
About CNPPS Ltd

Carbon Negative Permeable Pavement Systems (CNPPS) introduces innovative environmentally friendly technology that can probably save £ billions in infrastructure expenditure.


CNPPS has two patent applications filed in the UK and Europe (attached). CNPPS is believed to be the first Carbon Negative solution for all hard surfaces such as roads and pavements using secondary used aggregates, waste products, and carbon negative aggregates that absorb more carbon in the manufacturing process than the carbon emitted per square meter paved.


CNPPS can be used in both permeable and impermeable surface, making this option a worldwide opportunity to advantage from its environmental and economic benefits.


It is believed that the level of carbon absorbed per square meter is equivalent to the level absorbed by a medium sized tree over its 70-year lifespan.

In addition to being Carbon Negative, CNPPS:

  • Is permeable and thereby reduces flooding caused by rainwater run-off and improves road safety by reducing surface water.

  •  Is estimated 5-8% less expensive than currently used processes thereby offering substantial savings in infrastructure budgets – potentially billions based on the 2015/16 infrastructure pipeline announced for the UK transport sector alone.


CNPPS Limited is formed to:

  1. Promote the use of CNPPS technology to Local and Central Government, Highway agencies, engineering and development companies and influencers, including environmental bodies;

  2. License the use of CNPPS technology to the major engineering and contracting companies in return for Payments;

  3. Provide additional specialist consulting services related to CNPPS technology.


The company will initially focus on the UK market to establish technical credentials, referral sites, and corporate awareness and to achieve high profitability within three years.

Overseas opportunities will be explored, once the UK foundations have been established.

Initial funding is required to carry out on the trial by the Highways of England. A successful trial will provide the authoritative evidence required by the local and central government as well as private contractors to adopt CNPPS technology.

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