Explanar Ltd www.explanar.com
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2 Years
12% pa
IFISA Eligible

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Explanar Ltd
Explanar Ltd established in 2012, has a UK invented golf training aid, patented around the world, and widely acknowledged by golfing experts as one of the best golf training aids available.
About Explanar Ltd

Golf is one of the worlds’ leading sports with over 50 million players world-wide and extensive Global TV and media coverage.

In our primary market, the USA, there are currently 25 million golfers. 

Our company has grown steadily since launch in 2012 despite reaching only a very small percentage of our target audience. Consequently, there is huge upside potential for our business to tap into this enormous and thriving market.

We currently have an unparalleled opportunity for a step change in our revenue levels on the back of a major marketing initiative commencing next month.

Realising our Market Potential

Having tested demand cautiously since launch in 2012, we have proven that there is a gap in the global golf market for our products. Demand is real and growing. We now have an opportunity to move to the next phase of our business development.

New marketing initiatives are already paid for and under way. In April 2017 we launch our first TV advertising campaign in USA and it has been scheduled to follow the Masters, one of the most highly viewed sporting events in the world with TV audiences reaching 17 million in the USA alone. This campaign will bring our products to the attention of millions of potential new customers.

In anticipation of an upswing in demand in response to this exposure we require additional funds to ensure that we have sufficient inventory on hand to fulfil orders.

Investment Opportunity

Despite initially focusing on the USA and UK markets, golf is a world-wide game and we have already exported to 60 countries and the potential for sustained and proper growth in these other major international markets is massive. There are significant longer term growth opportunities, possibly through an expanded global distribution network.

Major New Market Initiatives

The USA golf market is enormous – There are 25M active golfers in USA, compared to 3.4M in the UK.

We are well positioned to grow and attack this lucrative market. We have a USA website – www.explanar.com - which looks and feels like a local website with prices in USD, USA phone contact and USA shipping costs from our Florida warehouse calculated live at the checkout for delivery within 4 days to any state in the USA. Customers can go online and buy the products 24 hours a day and we ship the next business day.

We have patent and trade mark protection in the USA and we are uniquely poised to exploit an immense growth opportunity for a patented product with an established and esteemed reputation. (We also have other worldwide patents and a website for the UK, EU and East – www.explanar.co.uk but we are focusing on the low-hanging fruit opportunity that the USA market offers us).

We have a number of truly significant new initiatives beyond those outlined here and more details are available in our document elsewhere on this site.

Bonds and Security

The company is looking to raise a minimum of £40,000 and a maximum of £50,000 through the issue of 50,000 £1 bonds. The bond are for a term two years offering interest of 12% p.a. paid monthly. The bonds are secured by a debenture on the company assets.

The company has fixed assets currently valued at £31,907 and these relate to the IP of the product and the brand, with patents and trade mark protection around the world in key golfing countries.

In addition, the company has current assets, with a value of £74,492 at the end of December 2016 (end of last financial year) and these are made up of “ready to sell” product inventory in warehouses and “work-in-progress”, manufacturing new inventory. The value of the current assets increases as more inventory is made and moved to warehouses – the current batch in production is worth in excess of £50k (some of which is included in the work in progress last year) but this new stock alone has a sales value of almost £150k. The asset value obviously also decreases as the inventory is sold, but then more products are manufactured so it will remain fairly constant around the end of 2016 level.

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