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Oak Group One PLC
Oak Group One PLC is an investment vehicle focusing on rare whisky investments. Whisky has been a strongly performing investment over the past few years, with an index of 1,000 investment whiskies showing over 400% growth since the start of 2011. The company is managed by a team of professionals with decades of experience in asset and fund management.
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About Oak Group One PLC


Oak Group One PLC (“The Oak”) is an investment vehicle focusing exclusively on investing in rare whiskies, both bottles and barrels. The Oak will consist of a series of individual companies.



Interest in whisky as an investment has been growing steadily for many years and the positive trend seems to be continuing. Whisky as an investment has performed favourably against stock, bond, oil and gold performance (see image below). It offers diversification from stocks and other traditional assets.

The price of rare whiskies in auctions has risen strongly in recent years. An index produced by Rare Whisky 101, a company that produces data for collectors and investors, tracks the cost of the best performing 1,000 bottles and shows that prices have risen more than fivefold since 2010.

A chart depicting the rise in value of a whiskey investment compared to other assets such as gold and oil

Quarter-end figures used. Figures refer to the past and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. 



The Company is managed by a team of professionals with decades of experience in asset and fund management. The company’s advisors include:

  • Michael Guffanti, who adds years of financial and legal experience to The Oak team. 
  • Christian Moore, who adds extensive media and publicity skills to the team
  • Maksim Erikson will play a key role for The Oak’s global expansion especially on the East European and Asian fronts.
  • Timo Airaksinen will add the needed experience for the brand and for future operations. 
  • Sandro Riccio will be responsible for the global expansion of the Oak Library whisky lounge concept
  • Martyn O’reily who adds years of Whisky and financial knowledge to the Oak Purchase Team
  • Joe Boxall adding years of Whisky purchase knowledge into the Oak Whisky trading process.
  • Mahesh Ramnani is a founder and manager for two whisky and cigar lounges in the Baltics and will bring huge purchase experience into the team.



The Oak is looking to raise up to one million pounds through the issue of 10,000,000 tokenised shares at 10p each. The Tokens represent B Ordinary Shares. The Oak is a PLC  registered in the UK.

The aim of The Oak is to provide an annual return of over 20 percent by benefiting from rising prices of old and rare whiskies, both bottles and barrels.

Our goal is to sell these at a profit as the value increases over the remaining years of The Oak’s lifespan. The proceeds are then returned to investors. The Oak’s lifespan is from five to seven years depending on market conditions.

 The Oak model envisages that 80% of the inventory will be retained as a long term investment while around 20% will be subject to active trading. Profits on trading activity will be used to make dividend payments possible. Dividends will be paid one to four times a year, based on the performance and cash flow proceeds from the liquidation of short-term inventory.

Investors do not pay any management or storage fees. A maximum of 20% of annual performance can be used for covering operating expenses. 60% of the performance will be paid out as dividends and 40% invested back to The Oak.

The Oak is fully transparent for its investors. Every transaction, purchase or sale will be documented on our blockchain ledger, currently in development. No transaction can be changed after it has been recorded and all transactions can be easily audited by The Oak investors. Shareholders will also benefit from our special offers as well as other benefits launched together with future global expansion. 



Oak Group One PLC will be issuing "B Tokens".

B Tokens represent B Ordinary Shares and shall be treated as if constituting one class of share.

"B1 Ordinary Shares" means B1 ordinary shares of £0.10 each in the capital of the company having the rights and restrictions set out in these articles; "B Shareholder" means the holders of B Ordinary Shares from time to time;

"B Tokens" means the blockchain tokens issued in respect of the B1 Ordinary Shares at the Token Rate in accordance with article 43A having the functionality set out in these articles and the Terms and Conditions (as varied by the company from time to time);



Oak Group One PLC has received a commitment for £500,000. A subscription agreement has been signed and the funds are expected to be received on the 15th July 2019. Crowd for Angels will update the balance once the funds have been received.  

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Offer Information
Soft Cap Hard Cap
Funding Target £500,000 £1,000,000
Token Price £0.10 £0.10
Tokens Offered info 5,000,000 10,000,000
Token Supply info 14,400,000
Token Represents Equity
Share Type B Ordinary
Token Symbol OAK1
Minimum Investment £100.00
Currency quoted GBP
Sector Other
Location London, United Kingdom
Company Number 11755188
Pitch Launched On 02/07/2019
Pitch Closes On 31/10/2019
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