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CryptoPolice is a platform that helps bring together the community & technology to safeguard online users against fraud. Their frontline product "WatchDog", a browser extension allows customers to verify a site as 'safe' before transacting. WatchDog utilises the blockchain & crowdsourced data to support the ecosystem
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About CryptoPolice

CryptoPolice, is the trading name of CRPOLTECH OÜ, an Estonian company with the registered number 14393865.

Crypto Police Problem


The total amount lost through cybercrime has been over $500 billion in 2017, exceeding the GDP of many countries around the world. The advent of new tech has enabled ever more sophisticated ways to commit cybercrime. As a result, everybody loses: online users lose money, top-notch projects miss investment and the industry overall loses reputation. The most important thing being destroyed is the trust that people extend to each other.

At Crypto Police, we develop products that assure effective protection of users against online fraud and scams. With blockchain technology we allow the community to identify scams and verify in a self-regulated manner, which is fully decentralized and transparent. Blockchain gives officers the opportunity to trust each other.

The use of blockchain technology enables creation of a trustworthy database for using such sensitive matters as verdicts, red flags and scam cases. It also gives an opportunity to create reliable and objective digital economic for all participants of our platform.


Where are we right now?

A Growing Fan Base:- We have our demo platform with 12000+ signups. We have a growing fan base of loyal crypto enthusiasts who have shown constant support and this number has kept growing. To date, we have had over 63 published posts with 32 under review at the moment. 

Partnership with Bitdefender:- We have started a mutually beneficial cooperation and provide the outstanding protection our communities need.  Bitdefender is a cybersecurity and anti-virus software company, offering anti-virus software, internet security software, endpoint security software, and other cybersecurity products and services. Bitdefender works with government organizations, large enterprises, SMEs, and private individuals across more than 150 countries. 

Ranked 6th place in the global ranking of Windows anti-malware application vendors, their security delivery infrastructure protects 500 million users globally, and they have received a wealth of awards each year for their visionary solutions. Bitdefender is one of the most innovative IT security software vendors in the world today.

This partnership will help in the improvement in security mechanisms that will be achieved by combining the technological and functional solutions of our products. 




How It Works?



The whole internet community can participate in the global fight against scams. Users can report their suspicions about scams to the Crypto Police platform. Officers will verify reports and create verdicts. Each verdict will go through multi-level verification, after which that verdict will receive a truthful status. All verified data will be stored in an archive and placed on the blockchain. That data will be used by WatchDog to protect the community and notify users about scams and fraud.

Components and Products

CryptoPolice consists of the following components to ensure the effective functioning of its ecosystem:-

  • WatchDog (Demo live) - This system promptly informs users about suspicious objects and activities and passes information to various channels. The working principle of WatchDog is similar to an antivirus system

  • Escrow - Special escrow smart contracts, developed by CryptoPolice, will improve security of ICO transactions, deliver in-depth customization and release only when the parties have met their commitments

  • Academy - CryptoPolice provides users with opportunities for training and examinations about Internet fraud basics, its types and schemes, as well as ways to identify scams. 

  • Officers - CryptoPolice certifies expert users, known as officers, to verify facts and deliver verdicts. 

  • Scam Database - CryptoPolice provides a list of all objects verified and defined by CryptoPolice as a scam.

  • Project Database - CryptoPolice maintains a database containing the data about Internet projects and helping users find information they need

  • Knowledge Base - CryptoPolice provides users with a base of high-quality educational and informative materials



Revenue Model

We will have multiple revenue streams from which we plan to keep our system running smoothly.

  • Paid Package for Watchdog Service
    • Free for users with basic package
    • 10$/year or 1$/month for Regular package
    • 50$/year or 5$/month for Premium package

  • Provision of Escrow Projects
    • Success fee of 3% from the projects ICO

  • Fees for online projects validation
    • Free for the first two years to build database, after which a fees will be applicable

  • Fees for verdicts appellation
    • Free - if the Appellation Verdict shows that fact in our database is not true.
    • 100$ - if we do analysis and it turns out that the fact is true

We have partnered and collaborated with some of the leading providers of KYC platforms, security delivery infrastructures and developers of multi-level algorithm and artificial intelligence to provide the most effective solutions in the industry.

The amount raised from investors will be used for product development and WatchDog, security audit and protection, multilevel verification algorithmic improvements, operating costs, paid advertisements, roadshows and conferences.


The Team

Our team is a close-knit group of like-minded people who have been developing various IT products together for more than two years. The team includes experienced specialists most of whom have been in the IT field for more than five years. Our specialists are active participants in the crypto community: among us there are experienced blockchain developers, authors of crypto projects and crypto investors.



For more detailed information, please check the whitepaper.

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Funding Target $375,000 $500,000
Token Price $0.05 $0.05
Tokens Offered info 8,333,333 11,111,111
Token Supply info 1,000,000,000
Public Sale price per token $0.06
Discount info 25% 25%
Token Symbol OFCR
Minimum Investment $100.00
Currency quoted USD
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Sector FinTech
Location Tallinn, Estonia
Company Number 14393865
Pitch Launched On 12/07/2018
Pitch Closes On 12/08/2018
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