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Sports Investor Limited
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Sports Investor Limited
Have you ever thought about owning the rights to an English Premier League, La Liga or Italian Serie A football club's shirt sponsorship? Perhaps the side-pod of a Formula One car? Join SIC and be part of the $700bn-a-year sports business industry - The Sports Investor Coin is your access to this market. The company is seeking a minimum of £300,000 and is offering SIC security tokens plus equity in the company in return.
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About Sports Investor Limited

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About The Sports Investor Coin

The Sports Investor Coin ('SIC') is a Security Token which will populate the world's first sports asset backed portfolio. The founders run a successful sports marketing business that has brokered millions in deal value spanning the last 8 years. The capital raised from the sale of SIC Security Tokens will be used to make strategic acquisitions of sports sponsorship assets on a medium to long-term basis, using the adage of purchasing at wholesale price and selling at retail. These assets will be sold initially through existing sales networks but eventually moved onto a digital marketplace. A percentage of the profits which the asset portfolio yields will be returned to SIC Token holders by way of a dividend through a smart contract. We believe this venture to be the worlds first asset-backed sport's portfolio to offer asset finance liquidity to sports clubs and teams.


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The asset portfolio is planned to increase through the sale of SIC security tokens. As the portfolio matures, SIC will branch out to partial investment in, or total acquisition of sports clubs and sporting facilities. SIC shall also enter emerging sporting markets such as Africa, India and China, in addition to emerging sports platforms such as eSports and FormulaE. To provide liquidity for SIC holders, SIC will create a peer-to-peer marketplace, when security token exchanges are launched. We expect to meet our target of a £1 billion AUM Asset Portfolio by 2025.

Funds raised from Round 1 will be used to deliver on regulated protocols such as a third party Custodian account, additional professional regulatory fees and associated compliance requirements. In addition, funds will be used to create a strong marketing campaign in order to assist the close of Round 2. Funds obtained from Round 2 will provide significant marketing budgets to promote the project globally.

There are 3 rounds involved in the sale of SIC tokens, which are as follows: 

  • £0.10 - Round 1
  • £0.40 - Round 2
  • £1.00 - Round 3

Purchase of tokens also confers on the purchaser the rights to free equity – please see rewards section.

SIC is also offering a buyback for Round 1 investors at 50% of holding value. For example, John invests £10,000 and secures rights to 100,000 SIC tokens. At the close of Round 2, if John wishes, SIC will buy-back 50,000 tokens for £10,000, at £0.20 thereby reducing his risk with the investment. Through the buy-back mechanism, we will reward early investors who support our vision. 

SIC will issue to Round 1 investors a "holding token" which can be exchanged for SIC tokens when issued. The SAFT contract will act as your legal assurance under UK law. 

For more detailed information, such as the White Paper, the Offer Doc and the Pitch Deck please see the Documents section. 

Regulation and investor security.  

It is intended that the SIC security token will be a regulated product and will be listed on the emergent regulated exchanges, thus providing investors with the same security and comfort they receive in traditional stocks, shares, bonds and other regulated financial instruments. Payments of dividends to and equity shares held by SIC token holders will be regulated in the usual fashion and administered via smart contracts.


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Project Benefits

Based on the SIC’s team expertise we believe SIC will have the following project benefits:

For Retail Investors: Despite being a multibillion-dollar industry, it is often difficult for individuals to become involved in the commercial side of sport. Ownership of a sports team or their share buy-in price comes at a high cost. Whilst the industry continues to be one of the most watched, talked about and debated in the world, it remains inaccessible to most of the world’s population. We believe SIC can solve this problem.

For Sports Clubs: Sports Clubs are always looking to grow and improve. Buying new players, increasing stadium capacity and improving training facilities and youth development programs all require huge amounts of funding. Current models of raising liquidity are limited. SIC will provide a new form of liquidity to sports clubs by acknowledging an asset class that financial institutions do not.

For Brands and sponsors: Potential sponsors often struggle to ascertain what commercial opportunities are available to them and at what costs. Sponsorship deals can often foster over long periods of time as a result of a good relationship between the parties. In a globally expanding market, clubs and agencies only have so much bandwidth to operate in this way. SIC will create an online sponsorship marketplace, making buying and selling sponsorship easy, simple and accessible for all involved.

For Rights Holders: Rights-contract owners often seek long-term partnerships with brands. SIC will become a rights-holder and we believe will have the agility to react to market conditions and provide suitable assets for brands looking to run tactical, short-term campaigns.

For Data Acquisition and Management: The understanding of the impact of sports marketing is limited. Fan’s consumption patterns and preferences continue to become more diverse and fragmented. Analytics in sports (specifically fan-engagement analytics) could enhance the live game experience and maintain fan and sponsor participation. SIC will utilise cutting-edge data science to close the gap between understanding how fans engage with their teams and how they interact with brands that they enjoy.

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Offer Information
Soft Cap Hard Cap
Funding Target £300,000 £500,000
Token Price £0.10 £0.10
Tokens Offered info 3,000,000 5,000,000
Token Supply info 200,000,000
Public Sale price per token £1.00
Discount info 90% 90%
Token Symbol SIC
Minimum Investment £100.00
Currency quoted GBP
Sector Film, Entertainment & Media
Marketing, Advertising & PR
Location Redditch, United Kingdom
Company Number 11503985
Pitch Launched On 07/12/2018
Pitch Closes On 28/02/2019
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