Crowdfunding for Investors
Benefits of Debt Pitches
For investors, there is a range of benefits for investing in a loan through Crowd for Angels, some of which are
  • High Interest rates: Investors can earn up to 12% interest on our debt pitches
  • Short Term: Many of our loans have terms of less than 2 years with interest payments, quarterly, semi-annually and annually
  • Conversion Discount: Investors are issued with shares at a discount to market price on conversion of convertible loan
  • Warrants: Warrants attached to loans allow the investor to purchase additional shares
  • No Fees: Crowd for Angels does not charge investors any fees
Investors in Debt Pitches
Membership is free to all those aged 18 or older. By becoming a member you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the membership agreement as well as the risk warnings.  
Membership - Join Crowd for Angels
Investment Authorisation
Self-certify as  a Sophisticated Investor, a High Net Worth Individual or as a Restricted Investor, who will not invest more than 12% of your net investible assets (excluding your primary residence, pensions and life cover).
Investment Authorisation
Browse Pitches
After completing the above registration process, you will have the opportunity to browse through the pitches of investee companies seeking to raise funding.
Browse Available Pitches
You make an investment by simply transferring your funds into your Crowd for Angels account, or by setting up a direct debit. If the minimum funding target is not reached, your committed funds will be returned to your account or your direct debit will be cancelled.
Investment of Funds/Direct Debit
If the pitch is successful, our solicitors will undertake limited legal due diligence. If satisfactory, the loan note subscription will be completed by way of a Subscription Agreement.
Successful Pitch/Subscription Agreement
Post Investment
Your convertible loan notes in the investee company will be held by an appointed nominee on your behalf. You will be able to stay updated on company activies and notifications through our platform.
After Investment/Loan Updates, Activities & Notifications
Convertible loan notes are repayable on their maturity date. Investors can also convert part or all of their loan notes into tradable shares at a discount to the market price.
Convertible Loans Repayable on Maturity Date