What makes for a successful crowdfunding campaign?

Crowd for Angels talks to Karan Dewan, Founder and CEO of VideoGram, the greeting card, gifting and print on demand business. The company recently hit its funding target on the Crowd for Angels platform by raising just over £50,000 from investors.

Why did you choose crowdfunding over other traditional sources of funding?

Crowdfunding is a great way for early stage companies to raise money without taking on debt. Bank loans are not easy to get nowadays and crowdfunding allows for normal people to back companies they believe in and share in their success.

What did you hope to achieve and what will the funds allow you to do?

We aimed to reach at least our minimum target, which we did. The funds will go towards marketing and developing the company and brand.

What did you think of the investors’ response to your pitch?

The response was very positive, and we received a lot of feedback and support which will go towards developing our company.

What was the most difficult part about the crowdfunding process?

Managing expectations. Crowdfunding isn't a guaranteed success - there is a lot of work that goes into a campaign, like meeting with investors and discussing your pitch, building the business plan and financials.

Finally, what advice you would give to another start-up in your position?

I would suggest going down the crowdfunding route. However, understand and be prepared for the challenges. Investors want to know why it's a good investment for them, not why it's good for you.

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