15/03/2017: Crowd for Angels (UK) Limited. Terms and Conditions in regards to the 2% AER on cash balances until 15th June 2017 incentive scheme

    1. 2% AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) return will be paid by Crowd for Angels on the cash balance of your IF-ISA from the date of opening until 15th June 2017. The interest payment, which does not qualify for tax exempt status under ISA rules, will be calculated on your daily cash balance and will be paid into your IF-ISA account as a single payment within 3 working days of 15th June.
    2. The tax treatment of ISAs is subject to change and is dependent on individual circumstances.

21/03/2017: Crowd for Angels (UK) Limited. Terms and Conditions in regards to the 0.75% cash back offer

      1. Investors who register an account from 21/03/2017 and invest into any Crowd Bond on the Crowd for Angels platform will receive 0.75% cash back on the total amount invested.
      2. Investors who open and invest through an IF-ISA will get an extra 0.25% bonus on top of the 0.75% - thus 1% cash back on the total amount. Cash back earned via the IF-ISA offer is not eligible for tax exemption under ISA rules.
      3. Investors will earn cash back on all investments made in the first 3 months of opening their account. The date of committing the funds will be used as the reference date as opposed to the date of the funding closing.
      4. All cash back funds will be credited to accounts within 5 working days of the investment being confirmed into a company.
      5. Existing Members of Crowd for Angels who have not invested to date can also take advantage of the offer between 21/03/2017 and 21/06/2017 inclusive.

In the event of any disputes arising regarding these schemes Crowd for Angels retains the right to a final and absolute decision. Crowd for Angels retains the right to alter the terms of these schemes at any time. 

Crowd for Angels (UK) Limited is incorporated in England with company registration number 03064807, with its registered office at 8 Little Trinity Lane, London, EC4V 2AN.

If you have any questions about the schemes then you can contact us by phone on: 0207 437 2413, by post at: Crowd for Angels (UK) Limited, 8 Little Trinity Lane, London, EC4V 2AN or by email at: support@crowdforangels.com